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Who we are

The Sacramento Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers is a non-profit organization composed principally of former Peace Corps volunteers, but is open to host country nationals, or anyone else who shares our interests. Our nearly 200 members, mostly in the communities between Davis, the Sierra foothills, Oroville, and Stockton, have served in more than 60 countries throughout the world. We are affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association, the nationwide organization of former volunteers, serving to keep members in touch with today’s Peace Corps and seeking to fulfill the third goal of the Peace Corps: Bringing the world back home. We distribute a monthly e-mail of local events, coordinate volunteer activities, fund development projects, and organize social gatherings.


To receive a monthly e-mail of upcoming Sac Valley RPCV events and other local events of interest (PBS programs, music festivals, ethnic events, speakers, RPCV gatherings, etc.) click here.


To report any factual errors or broken links, email webmaster Mark Stivers


Officers and Board Members


President Rosette Nguyen

Vice President 

Treasurer Fran Kennedy

Alternate Treasurer Heidi Steger

Secretary Nancy Sinnwell

E-News Caroline Nelson

Webmaster Mark Stivers

Membership James Waters

Members at Large Debra DeBondt, Fran Kennedy, Heidi Steger, Tim Tibbs, Caroline Nelson, Mike McKibbin


1. Susan Sparks - July 10, 2014

Thanks for the note about Emily going on her Peace Corps adventure……but how can I reach her?

mstivers1201 - July 29, 2014

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